More than 2000 Staffordshire companies could benefit from super fast connectivity as part of a £250,000 expansion programme by a local Internet service provider.

Internet Central, which is based at Keele Science Park, has installed an exchange in the County that allows it to offer firms access to 100Mb connections at half the cost of current alternatives.

To mark this launch, the company has sent out thousands of letters to local businesses, with two of these including a ‘Golden Ticket’ that entitles the recipient to free connectivity for one year.

“Access to superfast internet is crucial to establishing a successful local economy and we have to play our role by ensuring companies can benefit from secure, fast and cost effective connections,” explained Adam Hardman, Sales Director at Internet Central.

“Connectivity is crucial to everything we do. The increase of technology means that without the Internet/Wi-Fi we can’t check/respond to emails, our manufacturing machinery doesn’t work effectively and our main marketing channels are rendered useless.”

He continued: “We recognised the need to offer an alternative offer to Stafford businesses and investment in a local exchange means we can now offer the ‘IC’ service to more than 2000 firms in the Country, including coverage of Stafford Tech, Tollgate, Redhill and Beacon Park.”

Part of Goodwin PLC, Internet Central has been operating in globally for than 21 years and already lists the like of Bet365, Don-Bur, Knights Solicitors and Raleigh Adhesives among its client base.

The company offers a complete spectrum of connectivity options, ranging from IC-air Wireless broadband and Wi-Fi, to multi-site Ethernet solutions and leased line fibre connection.

The latter is available for just £329 per month, which is half the cost of rivals Virgin Media and Talk Talk.

Adam concluded: “All of the letters are going out this week to inform the business community of the new exchange in Stafford and how it can save them money whilst improving connectivity speed and reliability.

“If you are one of two firms to receive the IC ‘Golden Ticket’, get in touch with our offices straight away and we’ll be able to get you switched over to our services and enjoying Internet access within a few weeks.

“We want to help the Staffordshire economy thrive and this is an important day in ensuring all businesses in the County have access to superfast connectivity to support their growth.”

Internet Central, which employs 35 people, offers a rounded portfolio of business Internet connectivity, VOIP, security and encryption products, not to mention a purpose built 50-seat Disaster Recovery Suite.