With politics dominating even more elements of day-to-day life than we’ve seen for 75 years, Russ Cockburn takes a look at the type of Government he’d like to see running the country.

I don’t do politics, in fact I can’t stand it. The constant one-upmanship, the point scoring, the huge entourage of SpAds (Special Advisors) that nervously flap in the wake of Ministers, who, by and large, have as much interest in the people they serve as I have in watching another Christmas episode of Mrs Brown’s Boys.

This month has exacerbated my angst with the whole system. With Covid-19 ominously enveloping every inch of our everyday life, we’ve had to endure the shameful Tory vote on School Free Meals and the fall out of the Labour anti-Semitism report.

Social media has been awash with callous vitriol and spiteful sniping, with tweets being delivered more regularly than a Covid-19 positive test. It got me thinking…in a utopian world, where I got to choose my perfect Government, what would it look like?

It took me about sixty seconds to come up with my cabinet. Out with the career politicians, the Eton mess and the MPs who are more interested in a blue tick than making a difference to the people they’re representing.

Replacing them will be the finest collection of small and medium-sized (SME) business leaders in the UK, drawn from every sector imaginable and covering every demographic possible.

My thinking is simple and born from twenty years of working with some of the brightest minds in the country.

Running a small and medium-sized business is extremely difficult, none more so than in today’s current uncertain climate. However, ‘out of darkness cometh light’ and what we are now seeing is management teams across the country showing unbelievable agility, creative thinking and innovation to weather the joint ‘shitstorm’ that is Covid-19 and Brexit.

Delving into this mindset a bit deeper and you can quickly see how a collaboration of SME leaders could be the perfect Government to guide us through these turbulent times.

You’ve got natural born leaders, those who don’t believe they’re owed a living and certainly will not expect any lucrative contract favours off their mates, regardless of whether they have purchased a flotilla of ferries for their back garden or not. In their world, every bit of growth has been earned through perspiration, making the most of their strengths and innovating products, processes and services.

Managing Directors of small businesses, by their very nature, have to be good at a number of things. However, it doesn’t mean they think they have all the answers to every subject going and the really good ones will always listen to experts in their respective fields. You can see where I’m going with this can’t you?

Trade deals will no doubt be the flavour of the month in November. Well, there can be few better negotiators than SMEs, who have been able to identify the right markets and successfully sell their products and services for decades – often in the face of unfair labour markets and adhering to increased regulation from our own Government.

They’re also pretty good at taking people with them on the journey, whether that is through leadership or the promise of better times and more opportunities. In fact, one of the most impressive bosses I’ve ever provided PR for said to me once ‘see that apprentice, I want him to take my job in fifteen years’ time’. Well that apprentice is now Manufacturing Director and one step away from becoming CEO.

I could go on and on about the qualities it takes to run a successful business and, thankfully, the UK has plenty of them.

So, who’s with me? Vote the SME Party for an honest, better, brighter and more innovative future.